The Meliza Lab is hiring a postdoc! The goal of the project is to develop methods for early detection of auditory processing deficits associated with language learning disorders. We will be combining CRISPR and other genetic tools with electrophysiology and behavior to determine how early experience interacts with known genetic risk factors as cortical-level auditory circuits are first learning the structure of vocal communication signals.

For more information, please see the official job posting.

I am accepting graduate students who want to study the neural mechanisms of complex auditory pattern recognition. Expertise in computer programming, strong writing skills, and at least a year of lab research experience are preferred. Prospective students can join the lab through several programs:

Please feel free to contact me directly for advice on the program that best fits your background and interests.

Undergraduate student researchers make significant contributions to research in the Meliza Lab. Students work during the semester for credit and during the summer. Paid summer fellowships are available to students who have worked in the lab for at least a year. At present, the lab is not taking on any additional undergraduates.